About Us

    Pure Whites is a brand owned and operated by Back to Roots Marketing Private Limited. We offer an extensive range of products including milk, ghee, paneer, honey, cold-pressed oils and saffron. All of our products can be delivered to your doorstep.

    We use a combination of ancient Ayurvedic techniques and modern processes in our production process. We stay conscious of keeping the nutritional content and the original flavour of every product intact.

    Our Vision

    We envisage becoming a world-class organisation providing high quality food products that are essential to one’s overall health and lifestyle. While ensuring compliance with official quality standards and more, we strive to provide our customers with the finest and most authentic products. Pure Whites aims to create a single marketplace for all nutritional and healthy food products. In addition, we also prioritise sourcing from local farmers and producers to increase their income levels.    

    Our Mission

    Our objective is to create and curate a one-stop shop for a wide range of nutritious, premium food products with a Desi touch. We aim to rekindle the choice and methods of our ancestors, promote staying in touch with our roots in the sincerest way possible, and offer exceptional products to our customers. Also, we strive towards continuous improvement in our approach and methods to provide the best possible experience to our customers.

    Our Core Values

    • Integrity – From our products’ ingredients and manufacturing process to delivery to the customer, we ensure utmost integrity in each step.
    • Commitment – We commit to streamlined processes, hygienic manufacturing, and only the best and wholesome products for our valuable customers.
    • Transparency – From how we source our raw materials to how the product is made, we make all the information available to our customers, keeping them informed and allowing them to make pro-health decisions. 
    • Innovation – Given our dynamic industry and customer base, we give innovation and modern outlooks equal importance without losing sight of the Desi ethos we bring to the table.
    • Quality – Health and quality go hand-in-hand, and we at Pure Whites promote the same. Fine quality products are and will always be our primary focus.

    Our Team & Key Members


    Karan Banga


    An engineer by qualification, an entrepreneur by profession and a sportsperson by heart. He loves to thrill and take up challenges and is on a mission to create Pure Whites, a first choice brand for every person who is looking for a nutritious healthy product for his daily needs.


    Abhishek Pandey

    Customer Relationship Manager

    A hardworking youngster who loves to revolve around customers and their issues. He has that image of a chocolate boy to whom people love to talk to and he uses that to his full advantage. He is passionate about his work and a great storyteller!

    Key Members

    Tanya, Shalinder, Akriti - Shields of PW

     These folks are the shields that are taking the bullets of the customers for the misunderstandings that may happen within the team. A thumbs up to them for standing firm in front of the line and making sure the we get through each of them.

    Delivery Folks

    May it be 2 degrees of January or thumping rains of July, these rockstars are padded up with their kits at 4 o’clock and battle their way though each hurdle to get every order delivered to its rightful owner.