Frequently Asked Questions

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Is raw milk safe for consumption?

The raw milk is not safe for consumption. Unless and until the cows are healthy and the environment in which the milk is produced and handled till it reaches the consumer is free from any contamination. It is always advisable to drink pasteurized milk or boiled milk.

Is Pure Whites milk pasteurised?

Yes, it is pasteurised and ready to drink milk. You do not have to boil it again once you receive the milk bottle.

What is pasteurisation?

Pasteurisation is a process of treating the milk with heat at a temperature of 72 degree Celsius & cooling the milk down to 4 degree Celsius.

Where can we get the milk?

Milk is delivered at your doorstep once we receive your request. You can call us at +91 8800121178 to subscribe.

What is the fat % of the milk?

Cow milk’s natural composition varies anywhere between 3.2 to 4 %. As we do not add or remove fat, you will observe this variations according to the season.