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A2 Desi Cow Milk By Pure Whites

Pure Whites aims to re-establish the importance of our Indian Desi Cows source of  A2 Milk for it's numerous health benefits over A1 Milk which has been proven beyond doubt. We are working to deliver at your door-step the highest quality of A2 Desi Cow Milk  ensuring its purity, quality, and characteristics of freshly milked without any chemical or treatment for preservation. Our processes are alike as if you are having milk from your own farm with your own cows fed with best and safest feeds.

Our milk differentiates with normal off the self branded milk which is collected over different commercially set up milk booths set up by large organizations and is primarily a product of  cross-bred species of Indian Desi Cows with European Cows and imported high-yielding foreign hybrid breeds.

Our own desi cows species like Red Sindhi, Gir, Rathi, Sahiwal, and Tharparkar (identifiable with humps on their backs) are renowned for their A2 rich milk and proven to have multiple medicinal qualities.

While we use all the  testing procedures which make sure that Pure White milk is free from any chemical adulterants, insecticides, pesticides, hormones and coming out of happy cows which graze in a free unbound environment.

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What is A2 MILK?

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Two major proteins in milk are Casein and Whey

Casein accounts for about 80 percent of the protein in milk

There are also different types of Casein, one of which is called Beta-Casein

A1 and A2 are two variants of Beta-Casein

Beta-Casein makes up about 30 percent of the protein in cow’s milk

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Scientific studies have proved superiority of A2 Variant over A1 Variant in terms of digestibility,

Brian development of children

A2 milk is a variety of cows' milk that mostly lacks A1 form of β-casein proteins but contains the A2 form

Our Source, Process & Quality Checks

Our Source

Our A2 milk comes from Small Gaushala near Barsana and state of the art farm of 200+ desi cows Gir & Sahiwal, located on Gurgaon - Jhajjar Highway.

Our Process: from FARM to HOME

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We feed our cows with naturally grown grass and chemical free cattle feed along with oil cakes and natural mineral supplements

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Cows in our farm are treated with love and care. We monitor closely to make sure they are properly housed, washed and health is periodically checked.

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Cows are washed regularly and their hygiene is maintained very well. Before milking under area is throughly washed and dried.

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After milking milk is chilled as quickly as possible to 4°C. This helps to avoid bacterial growth and maintains freshness.

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Fresh milk is delivered to customers every day before 8am to their doorsteps. We maintain  a strict cold chain to maintain freshness.

Quality Checks

We have developed SOP’s to check all the quality parameters. Besides, our own tests by the team we pick up random samples periodically and send for testing to internationally acclaimed labs.

While taking our milk you can be assured that the Milk is free from -

  • Adulterants like Urea, Vegetable oils- Common Adulterants found in milk

  • Insecticides and Pesticides which enter into milk through Cow Feeds as they use commercial fodder

  • Hormones to take extra Yield which have long term effects on human health

  • Preservatives which are used to increase shelf life of milk as it is stored and transported for many days

Currently Delivering In Gurgaon & South Delhi


Gir Cow Milk


Rs. 98/L


3 Days Trial Pack


Rs. 250

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Desi Cow Milk


Rs. 78/L

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3 Days Trial Pack


Rs. 200

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Desi Cow Milk


Rs. 68/L

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3 Days Trial Pack


Rs. 150

Some Amazing Scientific Facts
Interesting Health Benefits

Excellent source of Vitamin A, B2, B3, and D


Rich in Vitamin12, Calcium, Thiamine, Riboflavin and Potassium


 Milk is also naturally packed full of other essential vitamins and minerals, like A, B2, B3, B6, B12, D, E, K, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and selenium.


A2 Beta casein protein which doubles the disease-fighting antioxidant   Glutathione (GSH). Its proline-rich peptides regulate the thymus gland that regulates the immune system which helps fight off diseases.


A2 beta-casein found in Milk of A2 cows, doesn’t breakdown into BCM-7 in human bodies, as compared to A1 Milk. This property of A2 milk makes it easier to digest and overrides the adverse effects of BCM-7 in our bodies.


Essential  amino acids present help in protein formation in humans. These amino acids are great for healthy kidneys.


Contains a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids, too. The consumption of omega-3 fatty acids has been linked to lower triglyceride levels, reducing the risk of heart disease or stroke.